New Developments with music and writing

I just wanted to write and fill everyone in on some new developments.

I have a song "When my Heart Falls Apart" that is being licensed through The song is licensed through Mood Media Blanket License.

The company is…


Book Shows coming up in 2017-2018

I just wanted to update everyone on some books shows coming up for the

print book "The Three Souls".

Combined Book Exhibit

2017 Beijing International Book Fair

August 23-27th 2017

Frankfurt, Germany International Book Fair

October 11-15 2017

2017 Sharjah…


New Print book of The Three Souls

It's been a while since I have entered into my blog. I have just finished

with my day job, and have started to write again on the blog. I have

just completed with all the info for a print copy…


Time to leave the building

I decided it was time to leave the building. Things were getting tense and

I don't think I was going to be able to take it much longer. I was talking to Pickett about the big rig and having a…


Fine Tuning the Escape Plan

The details of the plan were still quite sketchy but they were starting to firm up. The shipments that were leaving the prison were always on a Friday. We decided to plan the escape on November 22, 1963. Coincidentally, President…


The Escape

The Buddies had turned into a tight organization and they were gaining strength as time went on. The Buddies were the gang that thrived in the prison.

Reuben and Jake were the ringleaders, and Schultz and the warden were also…


Ernest Hemingway reincarnated

Suddenly, I was face to face with Holbrooke. The warden quoted a few passages from the Bible and grabbed his cane.  He asked me how it went with the parole board, and I told him I was declined.

"They want…


Talking to Holbrooke

I rounded the corner and saw the entrance to Holbrooke's office. I walked up the hallway, admiring the plush walls and wondering what Holbrooke must be like these days. No doubt he had rationalized the art theft he had committed…


The Buddies

The Buddies were getting bolder with their rampaging, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd be dealt another beating. Holbrooke agreed to talk to me after several attempts. We would talk on January 4, 1963.


Preparations for the prison break

Tne next ten months was spent coming up with a game plan to escape the prison. I finally got a schedule of the semi, when it left the yard, what route it took, who drove it, how many guards there…