Time to leave the building

I decided it was time to leave the building. Things were getting tense and

I don't think I was going to be able to take it much longer. I was talking to Pickett about the big rig and having a plan to leave the building. Pickett did some checking on the big rig, where it was going and what I would need to do. I would have to ditch the semi and get a new car to drive. I was being transferred back to license plates with Vinny and David so now would be a good time to escape. The first day that I worked with Vinny and David we decided we would go ahead and plan the escape. I had been turned down by the parole board, so now was a good a time as any. There were always shipments that left the prison on Friday, so we decided to plan on November 22, 1963. We found out from Tony Shanks that Vinny's and David's art would be on the truck and Holbrooke is going to sell it and pocket the money. Not bad for someone who knows nothing about art. Vinny, David and I would be loading the truck. Schultz, the warden would be driving the truck. After finishing loading the truck we would get into the cab and wait until Schultz drove away.

     The big days was here and everything was going as planned. Vinny, David and I were loading the truck. After we finished loading, Pickett walked over and started distracting Schultz. We all jumped in the cab and Schultz didn't even notice. A few minutes later Schultz jumped in the cab and started up the semi. The big diesel roared and was headed for the front gate. I sighed quickly when I knew we were outside the gate.  Before I left I wrote a letter to the paper telling them about everything that was going on at the prison. What Holbrooke was up to and how the Buddies were taking over.  

     Schultz got into the cab and he was whistling some stupid country song. After we left the prison I pulled out my .38 and put it up the back of Schultz's head.

     "I've got a gun so no funny business, Schultz."

     "Chambers, is that you?"

     "It's me. So just keep your mouth shut and do what I say."

     "Okay, Chambers anything you say 


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