The Escape

The Buddies had turned into a tight organization and they were gaining strength as time went on. The Buddies were the gang that thrived in the prison.

Reuben and Jake were the ringleaders, and Schultz and the warden were also in on the shenanigans. Reuben and Jake always had good food, while the rest of us ate slop. Schultz would beat people up at will, and fear of the Buddies was rampant.

I was never asked to join, but I was sure they knew what my answer would be.

Vinny and David hated them, and nobody would mess with Tony Shanks. I believed if Tony hadn't been our friend, then we might be dead by now. But Tony wasn't going to be here forever, so I need to find a way out of here on my own.

I decided it was time to escape the prison.

It was September 2, 1963, and the plans for the escape were firming up. The only people that knew about it were Vinny, David, Pickett and Tony Shanks.

The details were sketchy but we were shooting for November 22, 1963. It is a Friday.


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