Fine Tuning the Escape Plan

The details of the plan were still quite sketchy but they were starting to firm up. The shipments that were leaving the prison were always on a Friday. We decided to plan the escape on November 22, 1963. Coincidentally, President Kennedy was supposed to visit Dallas on the same day. Vinny kept hearing from his cajun friends that something was going down in Dallas, but nobody knew what it was about.

I had to act quickly because we only had three months to work on the escape plan. Vinny, David and I would be loading the truck with all our license plates for the month. Tony said Vinny and David's art would be on the truck. Holbrooke had found a buyer for the art. The truck was going to transport the goods to a buyer on the outside, and Holbrooke would pocket the money. The artwork had commanded a good price and Holbrooke stood to make quite a profit. All this talk about rehabilitation...The one that needed rehabilitation most was the warden.

The gate of the prison was only open for about seven minutes--just long enough for the truck to leave. Schultz was going to be driving the truck, and there would be two stops--one stop to unload the art and another stop in Houston to unload the license plates and other goods on board.


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