Al Cole Radio Interview

 The Al Cole radio interview will finally air on CBS radio on October 15th from

8 to 11 pm Eastern Standard Time. The interview will be broadcast on Apple

iTunes Radio Network(Professional News Talk) Bill will be talking about his


New outlet for "The Three Souls"

I have been added to the Kalamazoo Public Library in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

The book is also available on Half Price Book at and at

Please check it out


New app for buying "The Three Souls"


I just signed up for a new app for buying the ebook on the mobile phone

It is

It will be available on Apple starting Labor Day 2019


Boston Public Library

My book "The Three Souls" has just been added to the Boston Public

Libarary list.   


The Three Souls

I will be at the Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas 

October 27-28. I will be signing books and I also have a booth 

there. I will also have copies of my two music CD's, "The Love Doctor" and



The Three Souls by Bill Thomas.

I have just set up a new website for the book and ebook. The site is   Please visit the site where you can buy

the book and also a signed copy of the book. You can buy the ebook…


New York Book Expo May 31-June 3rd


      I just wanted to let everyone know that I will have my ebook and print book              of "The Three Souls" at the Book show in New York City on May 31 until June            3rd 2018. Make sure that you stop…


New News

I am receiving many people reaching out to me concerning the book "The Three Souls." One notable review has been from Aimee Ann at She gave the book five stars and is very complimentary and called the writing stellar…


New locations to buy The Three Souls

I was looking online last night and I noticed you can buy the paperback book

The Three Souls online at and Check it out

You can also buy it at


New Developments with music and writing

I just wanted to write and fill everyone in on some new developments.

I have a song "When my Heart Falls Apart" that is being licensed through The song is licensed through Mood Media Blanket License.

The company is…