Bill Thomas Author and Musician

Al Cole Radio Interview 

 The Al Cole radio interview will finally air on CBS radio on October 15th from

8 to 11 pm Eastern Standard Time. The interview will be broadcast on Apple

iTunes Radio Network(Professional News Talk) Bill will be talking about his

book "The Three Souls."

Interview for The Al Cole radio show on CBS October 8, 2019 3PM EST 

I will be doing a radio interview with Al Cole on CBS radio on October 8, 2019 at 3 pm EST. I will be talking about my book "The Three Souls." I will also be talking about my CD's and the screenplays that I have written. Al Cole has been doing a radio show for 10 years and he has over 24 million listeners.


New outlet for "The Three Souls" 

I have been added to the Kalamazoo Public Library in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

The book is also available on Half Price Book at and at

Please check it out

New app for buying "The Three Souls" 


I just signed up for a new app for buying the ebook on the mobile phone

It is

It will be available on Apple starting Labor Day 2019

Boston Public Library 

My book "The Three Souls" has just been added to the Boston Public

Libarary list.