Bill Thomas Author and Musician

Bill Thomas - Author Musician


Bill grew up in the Austin area and has managed to wear many hats in his entire career. His father was a successful doctor in the Austin area and his good friend was Dr. David Johnson. David Johnson's son is the guitar player Eric Johnson.

Bill grew up playing in rock and bands and his first instrument was the drums. He played in many local bands including The Rockhounds and Chapparral. Besides music Bill was also writing and finished two screenplays entitled "Tres Hombres" and "The Loose Quarter." He also has a full length CD entitled "The Love Doctor." The Love Doctor is listed with a stage name of Bill James. The CD is available for sale on CDBaby and Apple ITunes. Bill has also finished a new CD entitled "Turn the Dice."


Bill has just finished a novella entitled "The Three Souls." The Three Souls is about Johnny Chambers, a man wrongly convicted of a crime. He is thrown in prison and meets two other inmates who he feels are Vincent Van Gogh and Amadeus Mozart reincarnated. He makes friends with the Warden and convinces the Warden to work with him in developing their art. The Warden goes along with the plan for a while, but then the warden changes his mind. Johnny senses that it is time to leave the prison and has the help of the reincarnated inmates. The three make a mad dash from the prison and Johnny is seeking to get back with his wife, in return for the stolen art. The novellla is fast paced and the story is a real page turner. Johnny also realizes that he is Ernest Hemingway reincarnated. The manuscript was edited by Karl Monger. The Three Souls has been added to The Boston Public Libarary.

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